Addiction is a chronic condition

That can affect many aspects of your life, including your physical and mental health, relationships and career. There are two main forms of addiction: substance use disorders and behavioral addictions. Addiction is treatable.


  • Vedic Diet

    Take some soaked dry fruits

    Do pranayama and yoga (mandook asana, bhujangasana mayor asana, chakra asana,gomukhaasana)

  • Lunch time 1 pm

    Salad +seasonal vegetable+ any dal 1 full bowl + multigrain roti / vegetable pulao with paneer sabzi

    Don’t take salad with meals; you can use it as a starter.

  • Morning exercise

    Yoga and pranayama + 15 minutes’ walk

  • Evening Snack

    Any seasonal fruit/raw paneer /multigrain cookies

  • Breakfast ( Morning 7am to 8am )

    Vegetable daliya/ vegetable upma/vegetable idly/vegetable sewiyan/vegetable poha /stuffed prantha

    Herbal tea / fresh vegetable juice (cucumber +bitter gourd+jamun+tomato)

    Multigrain vegetable prantha with curd /upma/oats /poha

    Morning snacks 11 am

    1 glass milk with 4 socked almonds+2 socked walnuts

  • Dinner 8 pm

    Dal roti/ brown rice


  • Bottle gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin,cauliflower, spinach, carrot, apple, pear,cow ghee
    Do not skip any meal
    Keep your body hydrated.
    10-15 minutes of walk is recommended.

    Eat small portions of frequent meals rather than larger portions in one sitting.


  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
    Avoid being awake in the late night.
    Avoid chili, high-spice, and oily foods.
    Avoid refined oil consumption
    Avoid frozen vegetables and fruits, also non-seasonal fruits & vegetables.

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