It is a metabolic disorder

That is characterized by raised sugar levels in the blood stream which is either occurs due to less production of insulin or unhealthy food habits or sedentary life style when blood sugar level raises in bloodstream, it may damage the kidneys, liver, eyes heart etc.


  • Vedic diet

    Take some soaked dry fruits

    Do pranayama and yoga (mandook asana, bhujang asana mayor asana, chakra asana, gomukha asana)


    Morning 7 am

    Herbal tea / fresh vegetable juice (cucumber +bitter gourd + jamun +tomato)

    Morning 8am

    Multigrain vegetable prantha with curd /upma /oats /poha

    Morning snacks 11 am

    1 glass milk with 4 socked almonds+2 socked walnuts

    Lunch time 1 pm

    Salad +seasonal vegetable+ any dal 1 full bowl + multigrain roti / vegetable pulao with paneer sabzi

    Don’t take salad with meals you can use it as a starter


    Evening snack

    Any seasonal fruit/raw paneer /multigrain cookies

     Evening exercise

    Yoga and pranayama + 15 minutes’ walk

    Dinner 8 pm

    Dal roti/ brown rice+ dal



  • Do’s

    Bottle gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin, cauliflower, spinach, carrot, apple pear, olive oil, less amount of cow ghee

    Do not skip any meal

    Keep your body hydrated

    Walking is recommended

    Eat a small portion of meals rather than a larger portion of meals.


  •  Don’t

    Avoid smoking and alcohol.

    Avoid being awake in the late night.

    Avoid chili, high-spice, and oily foods.

    Avoid refined oil consumption.

    Avoid frozen vegetables and fruits, also non-seasonal fruits & vegetables.

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