Diet for Liver Detox

Liver Detox

The liver detox is one of the best liver tonics that helps cure fatty liver or inflamed liver naturally.


  • Early Morning

    Amla juice 20 ml/ herbal tea/ coriander water/giloy juice

  • Breakfast

    Broken wheat(daliya)/ oats/ semolina/ veg upma/ poha/ vegetable idly/ vermicelli/ plain chapati with
    yellow dal/boiled egg

  • Mid Morning

    Fruit/ coconut water/ herbal tea/ green tea/ sugarcane juice/ salad

  • Lunch

    Chapati (roti)/ seasonal vegetable + dal/ sweet potato/ khichadi /boiled rice/ salad

  • Evening

    Sprouts/ green tea/ herbal tea/ soup with less fat/almonds(soaked), figs, flaxseeds, pumpkinseeds
    soaked raisins

  • Dinner

    Chapati/ boiled rice, dal+ vegetable


  • Daily Routine

    Walk for at least 20-30 minutes

    Do yoga exercise

    Avoid skipping meals

    Avoid smoking and alcohol

    Keep hydrated, avoid drinking water just after meals

    Routine liver checkups


  • Things to avoid

    White refined flour, white rice, canned fruits, artificial fruit juice, frozen vegetables, whole milk and
    cream, full fat yogurt, cheese, cream, table salt, spicy, oily food, junk food packed food, alcohol,
    smoking, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, soda drinks non vegetarian diet, cashew nut, peanuts, butter,
    hydrogenated oil, palm oil, coconut oil, refined sugar, bakery products.

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