In PCOD, the ovaries start releasing immature eggs that lead to hormonal imbalances and swollen ovaries. PCOS endocrine issues cause the ovaries to produce excess androgens, which makes eggs prone to becoming cysts.


  • Vedic diet

    Early Morning –
    Alovera juice/ amla juice / herbal tea (according to the dosha of the body)
    Chilla besan, poha, stuffed paratha 2, dalia, upma, idli.
    Mid-morning –
    Mono salad, coconut water, bel sharbat, fruit, sprouts.
    Lunch –
    Dal with 2 chapattis, vegetable mixed rice, grilled fish, chicken occasionally.
    Evening snack –
    Roasted makhan, herbal tea, homemade soup, roasted chana.
    Dinner –
    Dal with roti, plain dosa, jeera rice with vegetable.


  • DO’S –
    Oats, millets, whole grains allowed
    All fresh fruits- seasonal
    Broccoli, cauliflower, green leafy vegetable, green pepper bell, tori tinda, ghiya – seasonally
    All pulses, soybean
    Low-fat milk, yogurt, and tofu.


  • DON’T –
    Refined white flour and its products.
    Spicy or processed food.
    Carbonated drinks, canned and packed food smoothies, and packed fruit juices
    Pistachio, peanuts.

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