Piles is actually a common disease.

While it is not entirely clear what causes it, constipation, prolonged diarrhea, heavy lifting, a low-fiber diet, and pregnancy may trigger it. Piles can either be internal, which cannot always be seen or felt by you, or external. When enlarged, they may protrude around the anal opening and can also be felt as small, balloon-like swellings.


  • Vedic diet

    ADVICE –
    10 minutes of walking on green grass barefoot

    Do yoga and asana (like balaasana, pelvic floor exercise, pawanmukta asana, anilom-vilom, kapal bhati )

    (It helps in relieving constipation, making the pelvic floor strong and easy to defecate.)

    Morning (5 a.m.–6 a.m.)
    Wake up and have a glass of water with only aloe juice.
    Do the above-mentioned exercise.

    Breakfast (8 a.m.–9 a.m.)
    Herbal tea (no nicotine or caffeine)
    Have an apple with Kala Namak.
    Moong daal chilla/ namak ajwain paratha/ vermicelli noodle / seadonal vegetable cutlet/ daliya.

    12pm –
    Any fruit or juice

    LUNCH (1;30PM)
    Zeera Pulav with Ghee and Tori Sabji
    2 thin chapattis with aloo ghiya sabji

    Matar pulav with moong daal
    2 paneer parathas with raita or chaas

    After having a meal, after 1 hour, have plain ginger tea with honey.

    Green tea with roasted ghee makhna
    Poha without peanuts
    Atta noodles

    8:30pm –
    2 chapati with dinda sabji/ daal with multigrain roti/ Paper dosa or Idili


  • DO’S –
    Try to have home cooked meals.
    Have small and frequent meals.
    Drink at least 4-5 glass of water a day.
    Add ghee with your meals.
    Have seasonal fruits and vegetable.
    After meals always sit in vajraasana
    Drink water after ½ hour of your meals.



  • DONT’S
    Avoid outside food.
    Try not to have Maida which can create constipation.
    Spicy food non advisable.
    Do not over eat.
    After meals do not directly go to the bed or sit.
    Avoid any consumptions of ghutka/paan/surti/khani etc.

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