Stress & Anxiety

Avoid screen time before sleep

Limit screen time or use proper lights and accurate posture while having screen time.

Consume a healthy and balanced diet.

Avoid skipping meals.


  • Early Morning

    Warm water+ soaked almonds /walnuts

  • Breakfast

    Broken wheat porridge (daliya)/ veg upma/veg vermicilli,veg idli/ brown bread sandwich / besan chilla/ pancakes, oats, stuffed chapati with vegetables+ egg white part

  • Mid Morning

    Fruit juice /herbal tea/coconut water

  • Lunch

    Chapati + salad+ seasonal vegetable+dal+ brown rice+chicken/fish( once a week )

  • Evening

    Roasted chane /homemade soup/hebal tea

  • Dinner

    Chapati + vegetable +dal/khichadi /rice

  • Bed Time



  • Lifstyle changes

    Take proper sleep and adequate rest.

    Keep hydrated drink proper amount of water in a day.

    Practice yoga and meditation (brahmri pranayam, sarvang asan, and shav asan).

    Indulge in some active hobbies.


  • Things to Avoid

    Refined flour,refined grains,canned fruits, tea coffe, high fat milk, high intake of oily and spicy food, alchol , all carbonated drinks,energy drinks

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