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1,2,3.. Abacus Wooden Toy

Wooden Toy


Ex Tax: $2,105.00

Abacus is an early childhood educational aid. It has a sturdy beech wood frame. This 1-10 counting frame has wooden labware beads coloured in natural dyes and elastic thread is used to string the beads. A time tested universal educational aid that helps children learn counting from one to ten.Common..


AATIKE Toys Wooden Puppet Chimpu Monkey for Kids -...



Ex Tax: $650.00

AATIKE's Chimpu - Puppet Climbing Monkey stimulate dexterity & cognition by making the monkey climb on strings bringing joy at the discovery. Pull the strings with each hand away from each other in a rocking motion one by one to watch the monkey climb. Loosen the string to let the mon..


Baby Building Blocks - Wooden Toy

Wooden Toy


Ex Tax: $985.00

Baby Building Blocks is a build & play toy that consists of 18 wooden pieces in simple shapes and sizes. Encourage your child to arrange the blocks in different combinations and see his/her imagination take shape. This toy is made by artisans from Channapatna and is coloured with natural..

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Bobblers Wooden Toy

Wooden Toy



Ex Tax: $765.00

‘Bobblers’ is a colourful wooden pull toy for kids and Watch them race along with their heads bobbing up and down as you pull the toy. This is the age when babies begin to foresee results, decide on a goal, and deliberately take some action to make it happen. ‘Bobblers’ is ideal for developi..


Cards & Counters



Ex Tax: $1,220.00

Cards and Counters as a product have been created to help children with - Counting and associating the correct number of objects (quantity) with the numerals. - To reinforce the child 's knowledge of the sequence of numbers. - To introduce the concept of odd and even. Consists of number card..


Chip Chop Wooden Toy - Stacker And Push Toy

Wooden Toy


Ex Tax: $875.00

Chip Chop is a wooden build and play push toy containing four brightly colored stacking parts. Chip Chop refines the child’s eye-hand coordination, motor skills and also prompts understanding of sequencing.Maya Organic (MO) does not sell its products through other sellers on Amazon India. Pl..


Colour Cards



Ex Tax: $800.00

Hardboard colour cards - 11 clrs X 2 no.s (total 22 cards) 2 Sets of hardboard cards with each set consisting of 11 colours - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Violet, Orange, Brown, Pink, White, Grey and Black. Dimension: Each Card - 48mm (l) X 80mm (h) Age: 3 yrs...


Handcrafted Wooden Sensorial Material : Cube Tower



Ex Tax: $1,160.00

Cube Tower consists of 5 solid pinewood cubes varying in size from 2cm X 2cm X 2cm to 6cm X 6cm X 6cm. Based on Montessori principles this educational aid helps the child explore and develop an understanding of size and shape and stimulates the child 's spatial intelligence. The wooden cubes..

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